Hot Coffee


Two days past by normally, I saw the guy couple of times each day and all we did was smile. To be honest, I was kind of waiting for him to approach me and say something. A simple “Hi” would’ve been enough for me. But I am a cheesy romantic. I think I’ve watched way too many romantic comedies and chick flicks. A girl can dream, but the reality is never what you want it to be.

The next morning I was sitting at a lobby, guess what was I doing? Exactly, waiting for him. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a stalker, but if you want something to happen you gotta do it yourself. At least that’s what I tell myself. I was sitting down there since 6 am and it was already 8. Two hours of sitting at lobby watching YouTube videos and once in a while laughing so loud that I think security guards were considering to ask me to leave.

I was so bored that I decided to give up. Maybe he already checked out of the hotel or decided to stay in his room all day. Either way, it was no luck for me. I went back to my room and to go to the elevators I have to go behind a corner. They are like hidden or something. So you can’t see people coming out of the elevators unless they are ten feet away from them.

As I was taking a left turn (behind that bloody corner, I call it bloody because I always bump into that wall, don’t ask me, I don’t know why) I accidentally bumped into someone. Not in the wall for the first time but into an actual human being.

But again, no luck for me, the person spilled a hot coffee all over my white dress. Good day to wear white, Miranda. (Note the sarcasm?) As I looked up in horror I realized it was the same guy I was checking out for three days already. He of course apologized a dozen of time and tried to find some tissues so I could clean up but I being my idiotic self said it’s okay, though it wasn’t. That was my favorite dress and now it’s brown.

But he wouldn’t just leave me without a proper apology. First, I had no idea what he meant. And then he awkwardly offered to pay me breakfast… as an apology. I was seriously smiling like an idiot. That moment I felt like I’m in the most cliché movie ever. He was hot and the only thing hot about me was the coffee on my dress.

I of course accepted. Immediately. Like he didn’t even finish the sentence and I already said yes. Don’t do it. For God’s sake. That is way more embarrassing than a spilled coffee on your clothes. He was just chuckling and smiling a little.

I went to my room to change. I said it would be quick but I wasn’t so sure anymore because I had no idea what to wear! I don’t know if he likes trendy or sporty girls. Maybe he’s into goth’s? Don’t laugh at me, I was having a normal teenager crisis at that point.

I ended up wearing casual clothes, jeans and a tank top (nop, not the kind of tank top that reveals your belly button) and some accessories.

We met again downstairs. The breakfast turned into something more than just breakfast. We ended up spending the whole day together. Just shopping, eating, taking pictures, laughing a lot, walking around Paris. It was like from a movie. Man, I am so cliché, aren’t I?

I learned a lot about him. His name is Tobias, he’s the same age as me and I know how much of a coincidence it has to be but he’s actually from the same country as me. Seriously guys, I was more shocked than you are right now (hopefully xD).

I don’t have a hard time making friends with strangers but with Toby it was so easy to talk to, to laugh with. You know, there are just those people who you can just be you from the moment you meet them and you can feel that you like them and they like you and that the friendship (in this case hopefully something more) will be real. And I felt that with him. Even though if we’re not going to be more than friends, I can deal with it. I like him. He’s the type of person who’s down to Earth and reasonable. Like Kyle is or maybe I already should say was because the past two days he’s been ignoring me and attending to business meetings with my dad.

I spent the rest of the week with Tobias. I left the hotel two days before he did and let me tell you, it was the best few days I have had in my entire life. Now we’re here. Where I am now. You know what happened last week and I hope you will stick around to find out what will happen next because I’m really looking forward to finding out myself. Let’s hope it’s something exciting.

Kiss Kiss, Lovers


Full Introduction

Welcome to my very first post here. Before I start with what happened last week I want to introduce myself. Hi, I am Miranda. A seventeen year old from Europe. You might think that I am so young that what could I possibly talk about? Fashion and make-up? Like every teenager does these days? I’m sorry to disappoint you but I am not that kind of girl. Fashion, maybe. I like to dress trendy, but I don’t use any kinds of make-up and I’m happy about that. I like to travel a lot. Everyone thinks that I travel just because I can afford a five star business hotel to stay at, but they are truly mistaken. Yes, I come from a rich family but mostly I am the only one in my family who actually wants to see other country’s culture and history.

And talking about traveling, this is what happened last week:

Me and my family went to France for a week. Since we all have different priorities, that is my two younger brothers wanted to go to Disneyland but I was more interested in the Eiffel Tower, I ended up exploring it myself, alone. My mom took Charlie and Mike to Disneyland because they are little annoying ten year olds (who are also twins), so double the trouble, and can’t go anywhere alone. If they don’t get what they want they do something so unbelievable that my parents always find a way how to please them. Talking about my dad, he was on a business meetings all week long. He even dragged my older brother Kyle, who’s 21 right now, with him. My dad wants Kyle to take over family business one day and the sad thing is Kyle actually wants it. Why I don’t want him to, you ask? He is the only normal person in our family who is reasonable and sweet and nice. The only person I can tell anything and he gives the best advice ever. And I don’t want Kyle to turn into a serious and arrogant businessman like my father.
Getting back to the point, as I was saying I explored the Eiffel Tower alone. It was beautiful, the sight was beautiful, everything was amazing. As I was getting off of it, at the bottom I bumped into a cute guy. He wasn’t like really muscular nor he was weak. Did I mention he was really handsome? I think I didn’t. Yep, he was gorgeous. But all we did was apologize to each other and smile and then he went back to his family who was already going up the Tower. I sighed, knowing I would never meet him again and went back to the hotel.
Few hours later the craziest thing happened. I think you already guessed it, other ways I wouldn’t be telling the story. I met him again. He was having dinner with his family as I was just entering the dining area. He didn’t notice me, but I saw him. I was there alone, because my father and Kyle was at yet another business meeting and mom took twins to fast food restaurant. Charlie and Mike always gets what they want.
I sat down at a table at the very far corner mostly because any other table was already taken, ordered and ate and nothing special happened there. But I always kept looking at the guy’s direction and kept thinking weather he was thinking at least something about me. As I was staring at his table, the whole family was done with their food and they got up and headed for the exit. I was kinda sad that he didn’t notice me nor looked at me at least once. I am not a beast, at least I don’t look like it but I don’t look like a Barbie doll either. Our school has this Hot or Not list based on the app and I was in 9th place out of 400 hundred girls so… not to be arrogant or conceited, I think I’m beautiful.
As he was about to leave, he suddenly turned in my direction and smiled. I felt really excited inside. I don’t know why but it felt so good and I blushed big time. I smiled back and watched him leave. And that was so weird that a simple smile could light up my day so much. It wasn’t anything big or that but it was definitely a start to something.
But this post is getting way too long, so to find out what that something is you will have to read my next post. I just wanted  to give you full detailed start so you could know the very basics of how this started. A lot hasn’t happened yet, because it’s been only a week. But there has been so much excitement for me this time that it needs more than just one blog post.

Kiss Kiss, Lovers